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Due to the special nature of our motorcycle tours, we apply the following additional- and special terms.

1 - The reservation is binding for both parties when the reservation fee is paid. By paying the reservation fee the customer accepts  Bike & Boat’s special terms & conditions.

2 - Terms of payment.
a) On Bike & Boat's tours, reservation fees go like this...

° Booking fee 200€uro / person (including the price)

° The rest of the tour price we will invoice you 30 days before the tour begins, payable in 9 days. On every tour page, we display the total price in €uro. For the exchange rate, we use the rate of the day.

b) The traveler may also pay the tour without interest in two (2) or three (3) rates. However, it has to be agreed in advance with Bike & Boat.

3 - Liabilities
a) The client participates on the tour on his own liability taking into consideration his or her physical shape, health as well as driving experience and driving skills.


b) The tempo, rhythm and amount of traffic in Finland and Scandinavia are very light and easy-going by central European standards! Outside Europa, North America, Australia, and New Zealand traffic is more or less creative! Bike & Boat drives in all destinations according to local habits and rules and is not liable for possible damage caused by a client to himself/herself or a third party.

c) During the tour, the client has to have valid travel insurance that covers bodily injuries. The client's luggage is always his/her own liability except when on our boat! On the boat, we guarantee that your luggage stays in your cabin!

d) The client always rides on his own liability and is liable for possible damages to the rented motorcycle. 


e) Bike & Boat is liable for local travel arrangements in the destination.

f) The airlines are liable for passengers only during the flight according to IATA-companies transport terms.


4 - Cancellation of tour
a) If a client cancels a tour 30 days before the start date Bike & Boat invoices possible pre-payments done for motorcycle reservations or other reservations to partners that cannot be cancelled. Bike & Boat do not refund the 200€ reservation fee, but the client can move the reservation fee to another tour. 


b) If the client cancels a trip 29-15 days before the start date Bike & Boat invoices bike rental fees and hotel costs that are paid and can not be refunded to Bike and Boat!


c) If the client cancels a trip 14 -7 days, Bike & Boat will refund 50% of the full price. 

d) If the client cancels a trip 6 days or less, no refund will be paid!

e) If the client does not have continuously valid travel insurance we recommend buying travel insurance so that it is valid 29 days before the beginning of the tour. The travel insurance normally covers cancellation costs in case the cancellation is done due to your own or a near relatives' serious illness, accident, or death of a near relative.

f) If Bike & Boat must cancel a tour, all paid fees will be returned unless the client wishes to move his reservation to another tour. Flights: see paragraph 5.

5 Flight tickets and regular flights to the destination
a) Bike & Boat does not sell flight tickets. The client is responsible for reserving and paying the flight. The client shall reserve the flight after Bike & Boat has confirmed the realization of the tour by phone or e-mail. If the client reserves the flight before receiving Bike & Boat's confirmation, Bike & Boat is not responsible for possible costs caused by the unused flight.


b) If the tour is not realized for some reason even if Bike & Boat has confirmed it, Bike & Boat will cover the costs borne from the client’s flights.

c) Bike & Boat’s tours official start- and the endpoint is always the first and last day’s city according to the tour itinerary. 

d) Bike & Boat’s partner, which sells flight tickets sends an offer to the client with suitable so-called assumption flights that the client either accepts or rejects.

6 Number of participants

a) Bike & Boat’s motorcycle tours group size is 6-14 motorcycles depending on the tour. If there are less than 6 participants we reserve the right to cancel the tour. We will inform you about a possible cancellation latest 33 days before the beginning of the trip.

b) If the realization of the tour seems unsure when the client is reserving, Bike & Boat always inform the client to avoid unnecessary flight reservations. Bike & Boat will inform the client immediately when it is safe for the client to reserve the flight.

7 Possible changes
We reserve the right to changes. We are not liable for changes that may occur for reasons not depending on us after publishing the trip. This concerns political turmoil, possible disease epidemics, flights, natural catastrophes, dramatic currency fluctuations and the like. We can be forced to increase the price or to move departure- and arrival times. We only do price changes in exceptional cases. However, we always use common sense. In all situations, your happiness is our happiness!

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