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Tour Days

° With Own Group on your dates during months 05-10 ;) Minimum 6 bikers!

Euros 2022 & 2023

° Driver & Bike ° 2190€

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Silk Road  09 days ° Kazakhstan - Kyrgystan

Drive a part of the ancient Silk Road with it's magnificent views on this small big adventure to Central Asia! And see cool Issyk Kol, international Almaty, remote Zharkent and a lot of great fun roads! 

Day 01 ° Saturday


KZ ° 0km

Arrival day to Almaty! We wish you arrive to the hotel latest by 6 pm because we a going to pick up our bikes today! If you can't drive today for a reason or another, then at least we'll do the paperwork and get on the road in the morning!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.21.42.png
Day 03 ° Monday

Zharkent - Karakol

Bike ° 292km ° KZ-KYR ° B,L,D

Today to the south, Kyrgyzstan, Lake Issyk Kul and Karakol! The scenery is still here today and actually only gets better as the day progresses. The day ends at Karakol, the northern end of Issyk Kul Lake, the 4th largest city in Kyrgyzstan! It doesn't make it into Megapolis yet, but it still has 66,000 inhabitants!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.31.31.png
Day 05 - Wednesday

Karakol - Balykchy

Bike ° 226km ° KYR ° B,L,D

Go West. On this day's drive, we follow the magnificent south shore of the magnificent Issyk Kul Lake, overlooking the Silkkitie road to the west end of the lake and Balykchy there. Balkykchy, with its 42,000 inhabitants, is at the same altitude as Karakol, a little over 1600m. Our racing day is not long, so Issyk Kul is on time for a cruise if you feel like it!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.38.12.png
Day 07 - Friday

Bishkek - (Chunkurchak)

Shoes - Bike? ° (86km) ° KYR ° B

Bishkek as you wish if you want! I myself may easily have in mind many bends that lead up to the mountains and there to Chunkurchak! There is only 45km to C.chakk, so this is also perfect for a morning, noon or afternoon excursion!

President Park.jpg
Day 09 - Sunday

Almaty >

KZ ° 0km

We gave up our bikes yesterday when we came to Almaty, so if the Flight Schedules allow for free Almaty time. And it's not a bad idea to take one extra day to Almaty for this end if you didn't start!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.17.36.png
Day 02 - Sunday

Almaty - Zharkent

Bike ° 373km ° KZ ° B,L,D

Breakfast and towards China. But not all the way to China! We stop 20km ahead of the border in a city called Zharkent. The most beautiful part of the day is the Altyn Emel National Park! The eye carries all day long. That is, there is space and space that fits even the bigger ego! :)… actually Zharkent is a size of Hyvinkää! However, in terms of architecture, I notice that we are far from Hyvinkää!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.24.50.png
Day 04 - Tuesday

Karakol - (Enilcheck)

Shoes - Bike? ° (277km) ° KYR  ° B

Today there are many options. If you are very radical you can go hiking! ;)… Karakol at his own pace is also ok. I have a milieu in the Teskey Ala Mountains, and if there are friends there, Enilcheck Glacier is a great day trip destination! It is hardly possible to drive to the glacier, but drive as close as you can! If you don't mind, but you don't want to go all the way to Enilchek, there are many fun little roads in the Karakol area!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.34.49.png
Day 06 - Thursday

Balykchy - Bishkek

Bike ° 183km ° KYR ° B,L,D

All roads lead to Bishkek as well as to Rome. That is, we drive 800 meters closer to sea level and to the capital of the country, Bishkek! A relaxed, comfortable day on the good roads in the Semi-Mountains! In the evening, downtown Ala-Too Squar, one of the must-see destinations in the city!

Screenshot 2020-01-23 at 15.42.34.png
Day 08 - Saturday

Bishkek - Almaty

Bike ° KYR-KZ ° 236km

Return to Almaty and Kazakhstan! This day is scenic, not bad, but after all, perhaps the least inspiring though! Some day must be! However, the road is good and the journey is folding! The evening is not the last supper, but this trip nonetheless! :)

Silkroad 2

Including & Excluding the Price

PRICE ° Driver & Bike  2190€ ° (Passenger 1470€) ° Private room 440€



Silkroad 09 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader

° A small, max 10 bikers group

° Transport to/from Bike garage

° Good midrange hotels 

° Accommodation in 2p rooms

° Motorcycles

° Fuel and insurance for motorcycle

° Breakfast x8 (days 2-9)

° Dinner x5 (days 2-3 and 6-8)

° Dinner x5 (days 2-3 and 6-8)


Silkroad 09 days

Good to Know


° light to moderate

° driving days from 4 to 6 hours



° all of us (bikers :)



°  Good 3-4* hotels


° Not really, but possible with BMW 800GS is you are not too big! :) ... ask!


Silkroad 09 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Almaty

° Transport from/to airport

° 3rd party insurance (+50USD)

° Meals not mentioned in the itinerary

(b-breakfast, l-lunch, d-dinner)

° Own expenses


Silkroad 09 days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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