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Route 66  ° Finland ° 3 days

Drive Route 66 Finland, the bocoming world-famous RoadTrip from Lapua to Orivesi all day long! You start from Finland's 'Texas', Ostrobotnia and at Tampere!

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Main Highlights of
Route66 Finland!

 ° Koskenkorva West Ranch
° R66 Finland from Lapua to Orivesi
° Texas of Finland, Ostrobotnia
° Las Vegas  of Finland, Tuuri Kyläkauppa
° Grand Canyon of Finland, Helvetin Kolu
° Orivesi Rodeo Bar

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Tour Days

° This is for your own group from mid May to mid September!

€uros 2022
° Driver ° 349€

° Backseat ° 349€
° Own Room °120€

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Route 66 Finland from Day to Day

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Day 1 ° > Vaasa

Finland ° d


Gathering at our hotel in Vaasa until 6 pm! One hour later it's time for a Finnish sauna, saunamakkara and a bottle Olvi. For dinner we go to Pancho Villa! Best Mexican food in town! During the dinner many words about upcoming weekend!

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Day 2 ° Vaasa - Kosknkorva - Route66 - Tampere

Finland ° 344km, 4h 20m ° b,d


Today is a busy day! First we drive to Koskenkorva and there to the Koskenkorva West Ranch, where we will have a one hour guided tour with an Ostrobotnian legend, Jari Mäki! From Koskenkorva West Ranch to the starting point of R66 Finland, Lapua. At Las Vegas of Finland, Tuuri Kyläkauppa, we will have a lunch brake. Afternoons main highlight is Helvetin Kolu, Grand Canyon of Finland! R66 Finland ends at Orivesi and there it's time for Corona beers at Rodeo Bar. Dinner is at Speakeasy Amaerican restaurant!

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Day 3 ° Tampere

Finland ° b


Breakfast with all the calories and colestrols... and then you are free to hit the road! Maybe you would like to see the city a bit before you leave? Your rooms is paid until noon! 

Including & Excluding the Price

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Including the Price


° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Sauna at Vaasa
° Dinner on day 1 and Breakfast on day 3
° Breakfast and dinner on day 2
° Guided tour to Koskenkorva West Ranch
° Route 66 Tour Shirt 
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour

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Excluding the Price


° Lunch on day 2
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price


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Good to Know


° 100% paved
° roads are in not so good, good and excellent condition

° daytime normally from +15 to 25 Celcius or 60 to 80 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible! ;)

° all of us (bikers :) 

° Yes, Yes :)

° No

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Make Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bikes on Tour

Bikes on Tour... your own bike! Everything goes from 500cc and up! We drive the whole tour on paved roads!

From the Road!

Route 66 US on YouTube!