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Ride & Sail   ° Turkey & Greece ° 10 days

Highlights of the Tour


° Sea, Sun, Boat & Bike

° Kekova underwater city

° Myra mountain houses

° Kastellorizo and Blue Cave

° White Pamukkale

° Magnificent Ephesos

° Great smiling roads

° Korkuteli Plateau

° Own Group Tour
° Tour months 03 - 10
° from 2000€ / person
10 days all-inclusive
when 8 adults!

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Ride & Sail ... works well for all of us bikers, who want to have a smooth easy going biking holiday! And this is also good if not excellent for a couple who want to travel together but there is only one biker!

Ride & Sail from Day to Day

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Day 01 ° Saturday

Antalya - Finike

Minibus - Bike - Boat ° 110km

Arrival to Antalya and transfer to Motorbike park! From motorbike park to Finike, where our boat is located, is 110km. If you are not on the bike, you travel to Finike with our comfortable MB-Vito minibus. On the boat, you will have welcome drinks and dinner! 

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Day 03 ° Monday

Kekova - Kastellorizo


In the morning a relax sea breakfast and then we sail to Kas! Kas is a very nice small tourist town accepted also as the scuba diving center of Turkey. After arrival, we will complete the customs formalities and we will continue to Kastellorizo Island. This small Greek Island is one pearl of the Aegean Sea! We will spend the evening in Kastellorizo and enjoy the 'Vangelis’ fish dinner together with Greek music and folkloric dances.

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Day 05 - Wednesday

Kas - Fetihiye

Boat - Bike - Minibus ° 160km

The ones they drive will continue the trip by bikes and the ones who want to sail will go by boat. The bikers will visit Patara beach. Patara has a 23 km white sand beach which is declared the coastal natural park. The turtles come to the beach to lay their eggs. If we are lucky we can see the baby Carettas who try to find their ways to the sea. This wonder of nature is advisable to see. Of course, we will also visit Patara's ancient city on our way.

The ones who stay in the boat cannot visit Patara because unfortunately there is no place the boat can put anchor. But they may enjoy, if they are lucky, a group the Dolphins during sailing. 

In the evening everybody will meet on the boat at Ece Marina in Fethiye. Dinner will be on the boat. Then if you want to see the town after dinner you can enjoy the nightlife of Fethiye. Bars, life music available within walking distances.

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Day 07 - Friday

Göcek - Kusadasi

Bike - Minibus ° 270km

Today we are a bit busy and we take a 0730am start from the boat! Our beautiful ride goes through Mugla, Aydin, and Selcuk to Kusadasi. Big highlight of the day is the ancient, 8000 years old Ephesos. One of Turkey's main cultural attractions! 

After we have visited Ephesos with a local guide we will have a late lunch at the Kusadasi Handicraft Center. This center co-operating with the government and teaching women from local villages carpet weaving!


After visiting the handicraft center we drive to 'Turkeys Riviera', beautiful Kusadasi for the night!


Neslisah’s MB-Vito is with us for those who do not want to be on the bike! And if you want, you can also stay on the boat and enjoy a couple relax days in small Gösek!

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Day 09 - Sunday



After 2 days on the road, we will enjoy this day on the boat enjoying the sun, the sea, Göcek's amazing archipelago and of course the impeccable Neslisah kitchen at the farewell dinner tonight!

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Day 02 - Sunday

Finike - Kekova

Boat - Bike - Minibus ° 70km

In the morning with the boat to Demre. In Demre we visit (Santa's) St. Nikolas birthplace and the historical church he founded. This is also accepted by the Orthodox Church as a pilgrimage destination. After visiting St. Nikolas, we will visit the Myra, an ancient city and learn the basics about the Lycian civilization. 

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Day 04 - Tuesday

Kastellorizo - Kas


Samba Ramba in Kas... in the evening! The day we start with the magnificent Blue Cave near Kastellorizo! After the cave, we return to Kas, where you have the possibility to do scuba diving in the afternoon if you have a diving card! Naturally, you can enjoy the underwater life with snorkeling gear also! Dinner is today on the dry land at Smiley’s fish restaurant. And yes, then samba and rumba for those who want! :)

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Day 06 - Thursday

Fethiye - Göcek


We will go to Göcek by boat. Göcek is again a Unesco Heritage consisting of 52 small hidden bays, many small islands, and cozy restaurants. We will spend the day and night in Göcek. Neslisah will offer all its possibilities for sea sports or you can just pass a nice lazy day by enjoying the sun and the sea.

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Day 08 - Saturday

Kusadasi - Göcek

Bike 460km & Minibus 410km

Another full but interesting day in the middle of magnificent views! Today we will ride to Pamukkale from Kusadasi. Our Vito is going straight to Pamukkale and it will start 1 hour after bikers have started! For bikers, there is a second cup of coffee in Ödemic, at Scorpion custom bike's garage! Where we meet Mustafa, the local custom bike builder! Usually, Mustafa has some interesting projects going on! It's about a 50km loop!


Around noon bikers and Vito travelers will meet at another Turkey's world-class attraction, Pamukkale! After ancient Hierapolis and white Pamukkale, we head back to Göcek and the boat for a good dinner!  

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Day 10 - Monday

Göcek - Antalya

Bike & Minibus ° 220km

In the morning we say bye-bye to the boat staff and drive with motorbikes up to the Korkuteli Plateau where you will see on other Turkey! And those not on the bike will naturally do the same with our Vito! It's a 3-hour drive before we are on the other side of the plateau and Antalya! The ones who have the plane today late afternoon or evening will be transported to the Airport! And if you stay in Antalya / Kemer area for an extra night or two, you will be transferred to your hotel! 

Price €?

° for 8 persons 2000€/pp  °  for 7 persons 2280€/pp 

° for 6 persons 2670€/pp  °  for 5 persons 3200€/pp

° for 4 persons 4000€/pp  °  for 3 persons 5340€/pp

° for 2 persons 8000€/pp  °  for 1 person   16000€/pp

Including & Excluding the Price

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Bike & Boat 10 days

Including the Price

° Captain and purser on boat 

° Road captain with the bike on the road

° 1 - 8person + max 2 child!

° Transport to from Boat

° Cabin with AC and a private bathroom with shower

° Good midrange hotel rooms for 2 nights

° Motorcycles

° All meals on boat. Breakfast & Dinner when riding!

° Turkish beverages on the boat; water, soft drinks, beer, wine & raki

° Fuel and Insurance for motorbikes

° Service car when riding

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Bike & Boat 10 days

Good to Know

° Ms. Neslisah has 4 comfortable customer cabins. Two bigger ones come with King beds and two smaller ones come with Queen beds!

° Ideal group size is 4 couples or 2 couples and 2 singles!

° If come with your family on a private tour there 1 bed for a child in both bigger cabins!

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Bike & Boat 10 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Antalya

° Non-Turkish alcohol

° Lunches when not on the boat

° What is not mentioned in Including the Price


Bike & Boat 10 days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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