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Marrrakesh Motorcycle Tour to Morocco 24.10-3.11.2022

Bike & Boat's second Morocco mc-tour last autumn. And yes, Morocco never let you down! It was a great fun tour... again! There is very seldom any boring time on motorcycle tours! This one, was nine days tour from Fuengirola to Fuengirola. Fastferry from Ageciras to Ceuta is just one hour.

Day 1 ° Fuengirola to Rabat

Day 2 ° Rabat to Marrakech

Day 3 ° Marrakech

Day 4 ° Marrakech - Gorges Dades

Day 5 ° Gorges Dades - Todgha Gorge - Merzouga

Day 6 ° Merzouga - Errachidia

Day 7 ° Errachidia - Fes

Day 8 ° Fes - Chefchaouen

Day 9 ° Chefchaouen - Fuengirola

Pictures are from all of us on the Morocco tour; Jukka Laakkonen, Sami Torvinen, Reijo Näränen, Eero Savolainen, Heikki Thil, Paavo Kuittinen, Hannu Liukkonen and tourleader Peter Pan! :)

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