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Bike & Boat Philosophy

Our philosophy is very very simple! It's about unplugging your self from your everyday life with boat, bike or both! It's about getting together! We want to get bikers together and enjoy the life because life is now and its the best time of life to ride! Best time for exploring and finding!

We want to share the roads of our awesome planet with you regardless of your skin color, race, religion or political opinions! We believe that the more we meet different people the more we understand the difference which does not really exist! We believe that we are all the same, people who want to love and be loved... and who want to drive with a motorcycle with a big smile inside the helmet! Or who want to sail with a big smile on the boat :) 

Everything for Freedom, Freedom for Everyone!

Life Is Now... and it's the best time to travel!

Bike & Boat Global Adventures ° 403 rue Marc Chagall ° 77190 Dammerie les Lys ° France

mail@bikeandboattour.com ° +90 531 7412444  ° +358 400 876747

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