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Olympia ° Greece ° 12 days

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° 12.05 - 23.05.2023

° With your own group during the months 04-11


Olympia ° Greece

° Greece, one of the best motorcycling countries in Europe

° Mount Olympus, the birthplace of the Greek gods

° Delphi, the pole of the world ... during ancient Greece

° Kalabaka's unique Table Mountain Monasteries

° Olympia, the hometown of the first Olympians

° Thessaloniki on the Aegean Sea

° Athens & Acropolis

° + much more and lots of bends!

° Driver & Bike ° 2460€

° Backseat ° 1480€
° Own room ° 480€

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Olympia from Day to Day

Day 01 ° Friday

> Athens


Welcome to Athens, to the cradle of European culture! The wish you would be at the hotel by 6pm when it's time for a couple of Mythos

(local beers)! And there are a number of places aoround the hotel for a smaller or a bigger hunger

Mani Peninsula 2.jpg
Day 03 ° Sunday

Githio - Kalamata - Olympia

313km, 5h 38m ° b,d

If you smiled widly inside your helmet yesterday, today you smile even more in the first couple of hours of our day.  We drive from curve to curve around the magnificent Kokkala Peninsula! And our curly curve party goes on all the way to Kalamata! In Kalamata we eat something and continue to

towards the world's first Olympic city, Olympia, where we will stay for the night!

Day 05 ° Tuesday

Patras - Parga - Ioannina

339km, 5h 18m ° b,d

Greece is one of the best motorcycling countries in the world ... as you know already! :) And also today, there are more of curves

and more beautiful landscapes than someone from Texas or Denmark can imagine! :) Today we have a lot of Mediterranean seaside on the clutch handle side! Among the pearls of the day is Parga! If a city in Greece were to be named Gingerbread House City, then Parga! From Parga we drive towards historic Ioannina, where we will stay for two nights!


08 Beautiful Greece.jpg
Day 07 ° Thursday

Ioannina - Meteroa - Kalambaka

192km, 4h 32m ° b,d

Surprise surprise! In the program today is your best biking day ever

... again! :) But we believe that you can handle it! We drive through the magnificent Pindos Natural Park to its western edge, from where we head towards one of the most special places in Greece, Meteora! Which is famous for its scenic monasteries. We are staying overnight in little Kalambaka, which is just next to Meteora!

03 Delfoi on the right foot.jpg
Day 09 ° Saturday

Delfoi - Chalcis - Kymi

228km, 5h 1m ° b,d

In the morning we spend an hour or two in ancient Delphi. We visit the midpoint stone of the world at the Temple of Apollo! Around noon we will continue to east, to beautiful island od Euboea... and there Kymi! We will cross Euboean with the magnificent landscapes of Mt Drifti... and naturally on the best curvy roads ever! When we come to small and sympatic Kymi we drive down to the nice sea shore!

Bikers at Acropolis.jpg
Day 11 ° Maanantai



Athens as you like ... and a wild guess is, that if you have not been to Acropolis, that will be the main destanation of the day! :) It’s also fun to get lost in a gorgeous old town which have very many faces! And... there are also a few museums in Athens if you are interested! :)

04 Corint Canal 2.jpg
Day 02 ° Saturday

Athens - Corinth Canal - Githio

325km, 5h 37m ° b,d

Bows towards the heart of ancient Greece and the masing Palenoponnese peninsula. Our first stop is at the historical Corinth Canal! And after Corinth Canal you start to get a good idea of why the ancient gods where smiling when they where riding the roads of Palenoponnese with they hevenly vehicles thousand of years ago! :)

Olympia Greece.jpg
Day 04 - Monday

Olympia - Kamenitsa - Patras

262km, 5h 39m ° b,d

And ... today is once again the best driving day ever! The route of the day is not written in stone. Let's see where we are after the lunch break! However, the morning begins with a small hike to the ancient Olympic village of Olympia, where you can practice stadium running, for example! :) And this is still the place where the Olympic flame will be lit and where from it will start move towards the next Olympic games!

03 Konitsa.jpg
Day 06 ° Wednesday


0km(!?) ° b

Day of as you like! Ioannina and especially its old part is a nice place to enjoy the unbearable lightness of life! However, if you want to enjoy the unbearably fun twists and turns of Greece, go visit Papingo with your tour tourleader!

09 Dinner in Delfoi.jpg
Day 08 ° Friday

Kalabaka - Meteora - Koziakas - Delfoi

290km, 4h 77m ° b,d

Kalambaka is facing unique table

table mountains and during the times 24 monasteries have been built on the tops of them. Today 6 of remaining 20 monasteries are active!

We visited Meteora yesterday when we came, but your tourleader is just happy to take a sunrise ride up to the monasteries if there is any other early birds!

After Kalabaka / Meteora, we will drive to the Kozias ski area, from where to, no more and no less than to the hub of the world! In ancient Delphi was considered the pole of the world, and the oracles were asked to know of  the future harvest as well as of the luck in the war!

05 Country Road.jpg
Day 10 ° Sunday

Kymi - Laurium - Athens

288km, 4h 56m ° b,d

From Kymi we drive via Aliveri back to Chalkic and mainland Greece.

In Chalkic we take a coffee break and decide to we take the sohter or longer route to Athens. Our options are the beautiful southern peninsula of Athens and Laurium and from there at the seaside up to Athens... or then we drive nice countryroads on the north side of Athens back to the starting point! In Athens it's time for a shower and the farewell dinner!

Day 12 ° Tuesday

Athens >


Back to the home day! Every time is a good time to fly home today ... if you do not stay here for an extra day or two... or if you came from overseas, you might like to visit some great Greece island... or some other country in Europe!?

Including & Excluding the Price!



° Professional English speaking tour guide

° Max 10 bikes small group

° Roadbook of the tour

° Accommodation in good mid-range hotels 2pp/rooms

° Breakfast and dinner on all driving days

° Bottled water is included in the price of the meals

° Motorcycle rental

° Fuels

° Motorcycle insurance

° Parking fees
° Transport to/from rental location

° Tour shirt



° Flights to Athens

° Lunches

° Drinks stronger that water with the meals

° What was not mentioned in the price is included in the section


Good to Know


° 100% paved

° primarily small roads with many bends


° months 6-9 warm & hot. Months 4, 5, 10 & 11 it vary bit

° is it raining? No, yes, maybe ...;)


° to all of us ... motorcyclists who like the sea, mountains and beautiful curly roads


° Yes :)


° No.


With your own group

° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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