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Nordkapp Scandinavia °  Finland - Norway - Sweden ° 11d

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Tour Days

° 13.06 - 23.06.2023

° 12.06 - 22.06.2024

° With Private group months 6-8!

€uros 2023

° Driver & bike ° 3880€

° Driver with own bike ° 2380€

° Back seat ° 1980€

Highlights of the Tour


° Midnight Sun

° Lake Finland

° Clean Nordic Nature

° Santa Claus

° Arctic Circle

° North Cape

° Mountains & Fjords

° Sauna & saunamakkara :)

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Day 01 



We wish you arrive at your first hotel until 6 pm. You will stay in a city centre hotel. From the airport, you reach your hotel easily with the airport train or Finnair airport bus. The bus is running every 20 minute and the train is running every 10 minutes.
Before welcome dinner, you can do what to Finns do... have a Sauna! At 8 pm you will have a welcome dinner with your tour leader. During the dinner, your tour leader will give you a lot of info from the coming days. 


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Day 03 

Kuopio - Rovaniemi

Finland ° 510km

A very very Finnish buffet breakfast this morning with Kalakukko and Karjalanpiirakka! When your stomach is full we hit the road to the north! Most likely you will see also the first raindeers today! And you will see a lot of empty roads. For the night we park our bikes almost to Santa's doorsteps in Rovaniemi, the capital of Finland's Lapland! 


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Day 05 

Inari - Nordkapp

Finland - Norway ° 360km

Go more north! And going more north from Ivalo means also that we are driving out from the forest area. Trees shrink to bushes before they disappear totally before we arrive at Nordkapp!

But before we drive anywhere, we visit Siida! Siida is a Sami Center, museum and nature centre! And Sami-people are the native people of Lapland! We change also the country today. But the only thing where you notice it, is a road sign saying Norge - Norway!


Day 07

Nordkapp - N.boton

Norway ° 530km

Today we say 'go south'! It is also the most spectacular driving day of the whole tour! North Atlantic and mountains are with us all day! And curves... many many many curves! :) After a full biking day, we stop at small Nordkjosbotn for the bright night! 


Motorbike tour sweden.jpg
Day 09 

Gällivare - Umeå

Sweden ° 500km

This is a great driving day with big curves, open roads, and small traffic! North Sweden is very sparsely populated like North Finland! In the evening we arrive at the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia and a small town whose name is Umeå! Not known for anything!? :) ... but it is a nice small city as they are in Sweden... and spotlessly clean!

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Day 11 


Finland >

The tour ends and time to go home. But if you have a spare day or two, so in our opinion, it is not a bad idea at all to enjoy our big small capital, Helsinki!


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Day 02 

Helsinki - Kuopio

Finland ° 460km

Showtime. After picking up our bikes we head north. Our first stop is at beautiful Pulkkilanharju where you get the first contact with the lakes in Finland. Totaly there are around 60000 lakes in Finland, so we do not have time to see them all on this tour. Most of the day we avoid main roads and drive secondary roads which are much more fun for bikers. We end our day in Kuopio where you will for dinner something that all the Finns love! Muikkus with Perunamuussi! You will taste also the local speciality, Kalakukko. That is something that half of Finns love!


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Day 04 

Rovaniemi - Inari

Finland ° 330km

Every day is a good day to visit Santa Claus! He is working at Santa park on Polar Circle 364 days a year! Santa's workshop is just a few meters north of Polar Circle! 

After Santa Park, we continue to north across Lapland's remote areas where raindeers are the most common inhabitants! Our hotel is on the shore of Lake Inari where you can have a very refreshing swim... with or without sauna! :) ... you are now also in the area of the midnight sun!


Nordkapp road.jpg
Day 06 



Today is a kind of a day off... however we ride after breakfast in the middle of magnificent views to Nordkapp, where we have no timetable! It means you can enjoy Nordkapp as long as you want and drive free-falling back to our hotel. After that, you can visit the small city of Honnigsvåg or maybe go hiking... or relax and listen to the wind! If you like hiking, there are many signposted trails... however, it is not possible to get lost!


Nordkapp road Norway.jpg
Day 08 

N.boton - Gällivare

Norway - Sweden ° 440km

Another extremely beautiful driving day! From Narvik, we turn east and to Riksgränsen, which means state border what it also is! And also a good place for lunch, if we do not take a late lunch in Kiruna! In Sweden, we have still a lot of curves, but the road starts to be more open! Overnight in Gällivare, which is still Sami-area!

Day 10 

Umeå - Helsinki

Sweden - Finland ° 430km

Breakfast at the hotel, a big buffet lunch on the ferry between Umeå and Was... and then we do not need much to eat before Helsinki and our farewell dinner! From Wasa to Helsinki we drive via Tampere, which is the second biggest city in Finland. At Tampere market square we stop for a very special local snack... Musta makkara! :)


Including & Excluding the Price


Nordkapp 11 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader

° Accommodation in good midrange places in 2 person rooms

° Good breakfast on days 2-10

° Lunch on days 2-5 and 7-10

° Welcome & Farewell dinner on day 1 and 10

° Motorbikes and fuel

° Insurance for motorbikes

° Service car for luggage

° Transport to/from rental location

° Tourshirt

° All tourleaders pictures


Nordkapp 11  days

Good to Know

° Weather is many in Scandinavian summer, but especially in Nordkapp it can be in the middle of summer +3 or +30 Celcius so be prepared!

° Midnight Sun means literally midnight sun. When to sky is clear you can see the sun up there in the middle of the night on the north side of Polar Circle!


° Traffic is light in Scandinavia. The biggest risk are the raindeers in the north!

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Nordkapp 11  days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Helsinki

° Lunches on 1 and 6

° Dinners on days 2-9

° What i not mentioned in 'Including the Price' 

Road to Nordkapp.jpg

Nordkapp 11  days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bikes on Tour

4x Nordkapp.jpg


650 - 800cc

Including the price

4x Nordkapp big.jpg


900 - 1400cc

Additional cost 

+300€ - +500€

° From the Road ° Nordkapp Scandinavia  °

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