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Neslisah Yacht 
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Neslisah Yacht , Queen of Aegean Sea

Neslisah Yacht was built for the Ottoman Princess Neslisah Sultan in 1998 and was used by the Sultan until hes death in 2008. In 2008, the yacht underwent general care and passed to her grandson of Enver Pasha. In 2013 it was sold to Murat Pura. 

Neslisah differs from many other Goulet type of boats operating in the Aegean Sea with exceptional sailing performance, extremely comfortable 4 cabins, ambitious kitchen, and bar equipped with imported drinks from all over the world, professional service, maintenance, and safety status that meets all standards and even more than requirements.


Eat & Drink

We are proud to announce that our yachts have a huge choice of drinks. Nearly all special requests can be fulfilled. The best bottles of champagne, local and international wines, a large range of whiskeys, Cuban, Venezuelan and Caribbean rums, European Schnapps, and world drinks are available. However, we recommend the Raki and Ouzo The food will be prepared upon the wish and habits of the guests onboard. Would you like Sushi or Sashimi? It will be prepared in front of you… or would you like African, Brazilian, Australian, Russian, South Asian, French dishes? Just say it a day before… Are you Vegetarian or do you have any restrictions concerning the food? Please let us know when you book your trip and we will take care of you…


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NESLISAH (Goulet) has 2 master cabins and 2 standard cabins. Each cabin has a king-size bed, shower, air-conditioning and heating systems, hot water, electrical WC, safe, I-pod, Wi-Fi. We do provide upon your request your fly-tickets or can bring you to the yacht’s location with a private jet, arrange your transfers from/to the airport to the yacht by luxury car or helicopter. Aegean coasts and islands have many historical and cultural sites on shores, as well as underwater. The history goes back 2500 years BC. Of course, we do offer guided tours and excursions upon request. Water skiing, windsurfing, snorkel diving, fishing activities are being provided free of charge onboard

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