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Amalfi Coast ° Italy - Great Ocean Road ° Australia - Hana Road ° Hawaii - High Way 1 ° USA - Highway 6 ° New Zealand - Leh Highway ° India - Khardung La Pass ° India Nordkapp Highway ° Norway

 Ruta Napoleon ° France - Transfagarasan ° Romania - Manali 

... and this is naturally not any absolute truth... all roads here are based on our own experiment. Roads are here in alphabetic order ... ;)

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Amalfi Coast.jpg

Amalfi Coast Drive


45km / 28ml. From San Pietro in the west to Vietri sul Mare in the east... best to do early in the morning! ;)

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Hana Highway Maui.jpg

Hana Road 

Maui ° Hawaii

104km / 65ml. From Kahului north-east to Kaupo south-west. Aloha! ;)

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Highway 6 New Zealand.jpg

High Way 6

New Zealand

1160km / 721ml. From Blenheim in the north to Invercargill in the south! And don't forget 94 to Milfords Sound! :)

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Khardung La.jpg

Khardung La


125km / 77ml. From Leh in the south to Hunder in the north! Magnificent!

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Ruta Napoleon map.jpg

Ruta Napoleon


314km / 195ml. From French Riviera in the south to Grenoble in the north!

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Great Ocean Road Australia.jpg

Great Ocean Road


243km / 151ml. From Allansford in the west to Torquay in the east!

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US Highway 1.png

High Way 1


1196km / 743ml. From Leggett in the north to Dana Point in the south.

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Leh Manali Higway.png

Leh Manali Highway


479km / 298ml. From Leh in the north to Manali in the South. This is also kind of a Route66 for Indian bikers! 

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Nordkapp highway.jpg

North Cape Highway


128km / 79ml, From Olderfjord in the south to North Cape in the north!

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Tranfagarasan road.jpg



118km / 73ml. From E68 to Curtea de Arges on the road C7

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