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Tour Days

° 15.11 -  30.11.2023

° With Own Group during

months 10-04

° Driver & Bike ° 5260€

° Backseat ° 2960€

La Mano Uruguay.jpg

Brazil - Uruguay - Argentina ° 16days

Experience Brazil's best parts for a biker... mountains, sea, palms and beautiful roads in the south! Experience friendly less travelled Uruguay and interesting Paraguay! Experience 2 megastars of South America in Argentina; Buenos Aires and Iguacu, which you can do equally well from the Brazilian side! 

Iguacu tour map.jpg
03,3 New Cactuses.png

Iguacu from Day to Day

Pullman Sao Paulo.jpg
Day 01

Sao Paulo

> Brazil ° d

Arrival day to Sao Paulo! Every time is a good arrival time. Your hotel in Sao Paulo is Pullman Guarulhos! We wich you arrive until 7 pm so we can have a welcome drink all together and talk about tomorrow and upcoming days! Rest of the evening free time for Samba if you do not have too much jet lag!

Brazil motorcycle tour.jpg
Day 03

Sao Paulo - Paranagua

Brazil ° 460 km ° 6h 37m ° b

Here we come Brazil's countryside... out from huge Sao Paulo and to the small Paranagua! Or small and small. But if Sao Paulo has 12 million people, Paranagua has less than 1 million! And between the cities, you have a lot of beautiful countrysides! Overnight in Ibis Paranagua! 

Day 05 

Florianopolis - P. Alegre

Brazil 462km ° 5h 32m ° b

Enjoy sun, sea breath and 101 Brazil! Today on other 462km south to the vibrant Porto Alegre. We have green hills on the right side and lakes & South Atlantic on the left side!

La Mano Uruguay.jpg
Day 07

Coronilla - Montevideo

Uruguay ° 333km ° 4h 34m ° b

Today we have a beautiful ride to Uruguay's capital via Punta del Este, where is the most southern point of Uruguay and the famous hand in the sand! And a big part of the day the Atlantic Ocean is just next to the road!

Tango Buenos Aires_Fotor.jpg
Day 09

Buenos Aires

Argentina ° b

Buenos Aires as you wish! It's not possible to see everything in a day but these might be in Top10! Barrio San Telmo, Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, Parque Tres de Febrero, Recoleta Cemetery, dance/watch the Tango in the street, Museo de Bellas Artes... if there is a football match today, so that is an experience in Argentina! A visit to a Tango Club is a must today if we did not do it yesterday!

Parana river.jpg
Day 11 

Chajari - Ercarnacion

Argentina - Paraguay ° 534km ° 6h 23m ° b

Everyone knows Amazon-river, but how many of us know Parana-river? It's the 8th longest river in the world with 4880km. Amazon is number 2 with 6400km. And we end our driving today on the banks of Parana on Paraguays side  opposite Posadas. They are nieghbor cities just with a bridge between them!

Itaipu Dam.jpg
Day 13

Foz do Iguacu

Brazil ° b

This is naturally the day for Iguazu Falls. Another very interesting place to visit is the magnificent Itaipu Dam on Brazil's and Paraguay's border. The Itaipu Dam is the largest hydroelectric plant in production in the world! Near the entrance of Iguacu Falls, there is also a nice bird park!

South America motorcycle tour.jpg
Day 15

Londrida - Sao Paulo

Brazil ° 534km ° 6h 34m ° b,d

Last driving day in green and lush Brazil. When we arrive at Sao Paulo, we drop off the bikes, so no stress of tomorrow if you leave early! And whatever time you leave Sao Paulo tomorrow, tonight is our fiesta, farewell dinner. Our home is Sao Paulo is the familiar  Pullman Guarulhos! 

Day 02

Sao Paulo

Brazil ° b

After a relaxing breakfast, we head to the motorbike rental agency and pick up our bikes! When the formalities are done, we do a shorter or longer test drive on the way back to the hotel. The rest of the afternoon is for Sao Paulo's miracles with the free evening!

Paranagua Brazil.jpg
Day 04

Paranagua – Florianopolis

Brazil ° 368km ° 5h 26m ° b

Today 368km south! In our beautiful day's first half we cross the green and hilly Pedra Branca do Araraquara area. Our destination of the day is a gem of Brazil's south, Florianopolis! Here we stay in Hotel Valerim in the heart of the city!

10 Indian Highway.jpg
Day 06

Porto Alegre -  La Coronilla

Brazil - Uruguay ° 551km ° 6h 38m ° b

Today we say bye bye to Brazil and drive into much less visited Uruguay. Our first night in Uruguay will be in the small and friendly La Coronilla which is right on the sea-shore! And you might like to take a walk on the beach after the driving day and enjoy the fresh sea breath! 

Uruguay Ferry to Buenos Aires.jpg
Day 08

Montevideo - B. Aires

Uruguay - Argentina ° 180km ° 2h 3m + ferry crossing 2h. ° b

Our second and last breakfast in Uruguay... on this tour! :) From Montevideo, we drive to the small Colonia del Sacramento, wherefrom we take a ferry to the heart of Argentina, Buenos Aires! And it can be so, that we have already had a steak or two during the tour, but maybe one more tonight in Argentinian style!?

Day 10 

Buenos Aires - Chajari

Argentina ° 499km ° 5h 25m ° b

Go north... not to the North Pole, but to Chajari which is on the way to Paraguay and Foz Do Iguacu! In Chajari we have Termas de Chajari, Hot Springs, which means we can take a dip or to the warm pools before, after or on both sides of the dinner! Pools are open until midnight, so there is no rush!

Harley road trip.jpg
Day 12

Posadas - Iguacu

Paraguay - Brazil ° 319km ° 4h 37m ° b

Another 319km north and we are in one of South-America's mega attractions, Iguacu Falls! At the halfway, there is the city of Eldorado, also on the banks of Parana-river, and it sounds like a good stop for lunch!

Argentina motorbike trip.jpg
Day 14 

Iguacu - Londrina

Brazil ° 508km ° 6h 45m ° b

Bye bye to Iguacu in the morning and hello to Londrida in the late afternoon! Our day is more or less relaxing countryside with good roads! Quite modern Londrina was established in the early 1930s with the arrival of a handful of German and Japanese settlers! And there is no problem to find in the evening a Brazilian, German or Japanese restaurant!

Rio de Janeiro.jpg
Day 16

Sao Paulo

Brazil > ° b

All the great tours have an end! For this tour it is today and you are free to fly home whatever time!


If you have not been to Rio de Janeiro and you would like to see it, now it is a good opportunity to go there for a night or two!


You can arrive in Sao Paulo when you come and depart from Rio. The cost for your international ticket is the same! 

Including & Excluding the Price

Costal Road.jpg

Iguacu 16 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader
° Accommodation in good 3-5 star hotels in 2-person rooms
° Breakfast every morning (days 2-16)
° Dinner 2x. Welcome dinner on day 1 and farewell dinner on day 15 
° Triumph motorbike
° Fuel & parking fees
° Insurance for motorbikes
° Support car for your luggage
(mechanic is driving)

° Ferry tickets from Uruguay to Argentina
° Transport to/from HD Sao Paulo
° Tour shirt

Blue HD.jpg

Iguacu 16 days

Good to Know


° moderate

° driving days from 6 to 9 hours


° daytime normally +20 to 25 Celcius or 70 to 80 Fahrenheit

° rain? Possible yes!



° for all of us (bikers :) ... however, you need a few years of experiment with a big bike


° Yes :)


° Yes :)

Montevideo text_Fotor.jpg

Iguacu 16 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Brazil
° Lunches 
° Drinks stronger than water with meals
° What is not mentioned in Including the price section

Ride Montevideo.jpg

Iguacu 16 days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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