Ho Chi

Minh Trail

Tour Days

° 15.10-24.10.2021


° Own Group during months 10-04

° Driver & Bike ° 2460€

Ho Chi Minh Trail  ° 11 days

This is for you... who feels good with a dirtbike on small dirt roads and on not roads at all!


Day 01 ° Friday

> Pakse

Arrival Day | d

Arrival to Laos – Pakse International Airport and transfer to the Hotel. At the hotel welcome drinks and briefing about upcoming days by our local co-operator! And after that, you will get your bike and you can take a test drive if you want!

Day 03.jpg

Day 03 ° Sunday

Attapeu - Paksong

Bike ° 232 km | b,l,d

Today we drive up to the Bolaven Plateau which is also know as the coffee area of Laos! Our day is full of small dirt roads, not roads at all and kind of roads! You will see also rusted remainders of the war here and there!

When the Ho Chi Minh Trail is climbing more and more up, it gives you better and better views over the forests that cover the rolling hills below! The beautiful Bolaven Plateau is 1300 above the sea level!

Day 05.jpg

Day 05 - Tuesday

Xepon - Lak Sao

Bike ° 257km | b,l,d

Another day when you can feel like a Jungle Jim of the Modern Times! :)  ... it's a full day, but it's before anything else a fun day on small dirt track and roads! And once a water crossing will be that much deep, that we need a canoe... maybe?!

On the road we will see also one of the biggest sites for the gold mining sites in Laos. After mines, we head to a bit rocky trails towards Hin Nam No National park and Swiss Cheese Valley!  Our destination today is the small Lak Sao City! 

Na Hin to Phonsavan.jpg

Day 07 - Thursday

Na Hin - Phonsavan

Bike ° 319km | b,l,d

This is a very awesome driving day with panoramic views... again :) ... and its also back to the dirt business, so you do not see much of paved roads today!

We drive to Phonsavan, which is a lively small city... especially if you compare it with our  2 previous overnight 'cities'! Phonsavan's area has also a heavy history! This area was heavily mined and bombed and remnants of the Indochina war can still be seen in the Hmong villages on the way. 

Phonsavan to Vang Vieng.jpg

Day 09 - Saturday


Bike ° 236km | b,l,d

Today we have a curve after a curve after a curve... :) ... we have already seen many curves, but this is anyway the record day! And the scenery is also superb as you can already guess!

Our destination today is Vang Vieng which is in the middle of very picturesque landscapes! In 90's it was a backpacker mecca, now more like a middle class destination. But the  stalactite mountains are there as beautiful as always!

Lao Air_Fotor.jpg

Day 11 - Monday

Vientiane >

Departure day | b

Back to where we came from... that means home! Probably you are going via Bangkok... and if you are planing to have an extra day in South-East Asia you might prefer Bangkok before Vientiane!?

Day 02.jpg

Day 02 - Saturday

Pakse - Attapeu

Bike ° 155km | b,l,d

Showtime after breakfast!  Time to hit Ho Chi Minh Trail! We follow the magnificent Mekong River to Champasak on its west side! From Champasak, we cross with a ferry to the east side and continue on dirt roads towards the Xe Pian National Park. From Xe Pian we follow fun small roads and tracks all the way to Attapeu! And yes, there will be also creek crossings! :) 

Day 04.jpg

Day 04 - Monday

Paksong - Xepon

Bike ° 253km | b,l,d

A couple of cups good local coffee and on the road... or track or whatever! And however we cross the local countryside and will see a lot of life as it has been always! Time is not really running in the small villages! 

This is also a wartime battlefield area, but years have passed and locals have turned the bomb craters into fishponds! But yes, we will see also today memories of the war... and we will have a couple river crossing before we are at our destination of the day, small city of Xepon!

Lak Sao - Kong Lor - Ha Nin.jpg

Day 06 - Wednesday

L.Sao-Kong Lor-HaNin

Bike ° 141km | b,l,d

Go West... and then South... and then North! This means we drive first to Ha Nin. We do a stop at our hotel and leave some laundry and luggages. We will have there also a lunch and then we drive to the magnificent Kong Lor cave where we take a boat... bike and boat! :) ... we do a 7km boat ride in the cave!

From the cave you can take a free falling drive back to the hotel if you want to spend time taking pictures... or just enjoy the nature!

Plains Of Jars 3.jpg

Day 08 - Friday


Bike ° xyz km? | b

Today you have 2 choises! A more or less full day fun run to Long Tieng (87km one way)... to the 60's secret city which was an CIA airbase! It's a beautiful ride both ways :) ... or take it easy and stroll around the Plains of Jars which is a very unique place in the whole world! Plains of Jars is very near the city!

There is probably time for both, but for Long Tieng riders, Plains of Jars will be a quite short visit!

Day 11.jpg

Day 10 - Sunday

Vang Vien - Vientiane

Bike ° 162km | b,l,d

In the morning we take a beautiful morning ride to Blue Lagoon and the huge Kham Cave! We have time for swimming at the lagoon if we want! And time for the cave if we want! 

When all are back from the cave, we go and pick up our gear from the hotel and drive to the capital of Laos, Vientiane! Farewell dinner will be on the shores of Mekong River!


Including & Excluding the Price

River Crossing.jpg

Ho Chi Minh Trail 11 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader

° Local guide/mechanic on the bike

° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person's rooms

° All meals every day; breakfast, lunch, dinner! Except day 1 (arrival) only dinner and days 8 and 11 (departure) only breakfast!

° Bottled water with meals included

° Motorbikes and fuel

° Insurance for motorbikes

° All National Park fees and all activities mentioned in the program!

° Transport to/from the bike park

Esko Roine.jpg

Ho Chi Minh Trail 11 days

Good to Know

° Weather on our tour in Laos is warm! We ride there only on the dry season; months 10 to 04 (Oct-Mar) Days can easily go up to +30 Celcius and more in the spring months! In the fall and winter, it is normally about +25 Celcius at the day time! 

° Roads are literally everything from forest tracks to small bumpy dirt road to big paved roads! But yes, mostly dirt and fun! 


° Traffic is light outside Vientiane! As well the traffic in Uganda is very disciplined! And on the small tracks, we do not really see any traffic! :)

God of Bikers.jpg

Ho Chi Minh Trail 11 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Laos

° Tips for local guides

° What has not mentioned in Including the price above!


Ho Chi Minh Trail 11 days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email (bikeandboattours@gmail.com) or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!



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