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eBike Aland ° Finland - Sweden ° 9 days

Enjoy Finland's awesome archipelago with an eBike... experience the bright summer nights of Scandinavia... see unique Åland and a piece of Sweden on this relaxing 2,5 counties ebike tour! :)

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Finland - Sweden - Åland ° 9 days

° 18.06-26.06.2022
° 12.08-20.08.2022
° With your own group on your days during months 05-09!

° 2 in 1 room ° 1990€
° own room ° +560€



Highlights of the Tour

° Finland's Archipelago
° White nights of Scandinavian summer
° Awesome Mustio manor
° Design center of Finland, Fiskars
° Beautiful Åland
° 1 day on small Swedish country roads
° Big Small Helsinki
° Old King's Road


eBike Aland From Day to Day

01 Helsinki market square.jpg

Day 1 ° > Helsinki

0km ° d

Welcome to Helsinki! We hope to have you at your hotel by 4 pm. An hour later it's time for a welcome sauna and at 7 pm we’ll have a welcome dinner at sea! We’ll take Royal Line's two-hour dinner buffet cruise from Helsinki market square. After the cruise, we’ll have a nice little walk in the city centre.

02 Helsinki to Mustio.jpg

Day 2 ° Helsinki - Mustio Manor

77km, 4h 7m ° b,l


Go West! After crabbing our ebikes, our first stop is the legendary Cafe Regatta just next to the Sibelius monument. Finland's prime minister and the president both live in the same neighborhood! We continue to the beautiful Finnish countryside along the historic King's Road. Today we take the King’s Road to beautiful Mustio and its castle (it’s actually called a castle, but looks more like a manor), which will also serve as our awesome accommodation tonight!

Swedish countryside.jpg

Day 3 ° Mustio Manor - Fiskars - Salo

76km, 4h 6m ° b,l


After a great breakfast in historical surroundings, we continue to Fiskars Village, which was founded in 1649 by Fiskars company. Today it’s more of a dwell for artists and craftsmen and a true small pearl of Finland, known as a center of art and design. After lunch we follow King’s Road to Salo. Salo was the NOKIA capital of the world in the 90’s!

Aura River Turku.jpg

Day 4 ° Salo - Paimio - Naantali - (Kapellskär)

76km, 4h 5m ° b,l


Our first destination today is Paimio, which is also the home of one of the masterpieces of Finland’s most famous architecture. The Sanatorium building was completed in 1933 and served as key importance to the international career of architects Alvar and Aino Aalto. From Paimio we continue to Turku, the first capital of Finland. In Turku, you will see the old Turku castle. Continuing to Naantali where we’ll have dinner before driving to our floating hotel. We cruise tonight with Finnlines from Naantali to Kapellskär in Sweden!

05 Kapeökärr to Grislehamn.jpg

Day 5 ° Kapellskär - Norrtälje - Grisslehamn

80km, 4h 10m ° b,l


This is our Sweden day! We’ll go along small roads and the beautiful countryside all the way up to Grisslehamn. On the way, there is one small city, Norrtälje. Norrtälje’s old wooden part is also a great place to have lunch! Grisslehamn is a ‘2 street’s city’, but there is a good hotel near the ferry terminal.

06 Ecerö Line.jpg

Day 6 ° Grisslehamn - Eckerö - Geta

51km, 3h 4m ° brunch on Eckerö Line


Today back to Finland… or half Finland, Åland! The majority of people in Åland are Swedish speaking, but it’s an independent part of Finland. Our Eckerö Line ferry sails two hours from Sweden to Åland and you’ll enjoy a very nice brunch buffet onboard! When in Eckerö, we’ll visit the old Mail Museum and the Fisherman's Museum. After that we’ll have great ride up to Geta!


Day 7 ° Geta - Bomarsund - Kastelholm

70km, 3h 47m ° b,l

Åland with eBikes! Finland was actually under the Swedish reign until it became a part of Russia in 1808! About hundred year later, in 1917, we got our independence. Today we ride from Geta to Bomarsund, where we visit the old Bomarsund fortress. From Bomarsund we continute to the picturesque Kastelholm castle, which is also our final address today!

Aland biking.jpg

Day 8 ° Kastelholm - Järsö - Mariehamn - (Helsinki)

55km, 3h 4m ° b,l,d

Kastelholm - (Järsö) - Mariehamn - (Helsinki) ° b,d

Today you will experience the capital of Åland, Mariehamn! Actually twice, before and after Järsö. The road between Mariehamn - Järsö is one of the most beautiful biking roads on the island! You will have the whole rest of the afternoon and evening for exploring Mariehamn! Our ferry to Helsinki leaves at 11 pm so we take a couple of ‘evening-rooms’ from the city where you can rest if you want! Your hotel tonight is a Viking Line ferry!



Viking Line.jpg

Day 9 ° Helsinki > 

4km ° Short time ° b


After a good farewell buffet breakfast onboard you will arrive to Helsinki at 10 am. From harbour there is a short ride to our bike park and you a free to fly home starting from 2 pm! Naturally if you are not in a hurry, it’s not a bad idea to stay in Helsinki for an extra night or two! :)

Including & Excluding the Price

zz background pic.jpg

Including the Price


° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Terässiipi eBike (Made in Finland)
° Meals as in day to day programe (b, l, d)
° Breakfast 8x (days 2-5 & 7-9)
° Lunch 6x (days 2-5 & 7-8)
° Dinner 2x (days 1 & 8)
° Brunch buffet 1x (day 6)
° Support car for your luggage
° Ferry tickets from Naantali to Käpellskär, Grisslehamn to Eckerö and Mariehamn to Helsinki
° 2 person's cabins on overnight ferries
° eBike Aland Tour Shirt 
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour

zz background pic.jpg

Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from Helsinki
° Drinks with meals stronger than water ;)
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price


zz background pic.jpg

Good to Know


° 98-100% paved
° and maybe some small gravel roads :)

° daytime normally + 20 to 30 Celcius or 60 to 80 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible!

° for all of us with average condition  who like relaxing touring with an eBike!  

° Yes

zz background pic.jpg

Make Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bikes on Tour

Terässiipi eBike.jpg

Terässiipi eBike

° Your bike is a Terässiipi eBike, which is made in Finland! Bike's battery is lasting fro0 to 100 kilometers... depending on how much assitence you use! Terässiipi has five gears... naturally is you use 4th and 5th gear all the time, you will need more organic muscle power in the end of the day!  :) 


From the Road!

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