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Corsica Weekend Break 5 days ° France

Corsica! Best motorcycle destination in the world... if you love curvy roads, mountains and sea! This is a long weekend break which you drive with a smile from the beginning to the end!

Bike & Boat Corsica motorcycle toyr day

Day 2

Bike & Boat Corsica motorcycle toyr day

Day 3

Bike & Boat Corsica motorcycle toyr day

Day 4

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Private Group Your

° On your days during months



€uros 2023

° Driver & Bike ° 1290€

° Passenger ° 880€

° Own room ° 260€

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Corsica from Day to Day !

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Day 01 ° Thursday

> Ajaccio

Arrival to Corsica ° d

​Arrival to Ajaccio, capital of Corsica. Every time is a good arrial... and that said we wish that you are at our hotel a bit before dinner time. That will be at 8pm with many words of our Corsica weekend!

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Day 03 ° Saturday

Ajaccio - Palneca - Vivario - Ajaccio

227km ° 5h 17m ° b, d

Yesterday we went south and today we drive in the central parts of the island! We head to Palneca... and there will be a couple of curvy roads on the way! On D69 from Palneca to Vivario we will pass Ghisoni Ski Resort... bu no skiing today :) After Vivario you can choose, if you want to have a bit less curvy roads. If so, you can take T20 to Ajaccio. Your tour leader will take the main group on an other set of small fun curly roads from Vero via Casaglione to Ajaccio. And a cold Colomba (Corsican beer ;) will taste good after drive also today!

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Day 05 - Monday

Ajaccio >

Departure day from Corsica ° b

Time to say bye bye to the bikers paradise, Corsica! And there is still very many roads we did not drive... so you have a good reason to come again!

Corsica Las Calanques de Piana.jpg
Day 02 - Friday

Ajaccio - Bonifacio - Route 66 - Ajaccio 

299km ° 5h 55m ° b, d

If you have been driving at Alps and imagined driving the best roads in the world, you were wrong! Corsican roads cannot really be verbally described, they must be experienced. Corsica is a biker’s paradise! 

We start today with a beautiful morning drive to awesome Bonifacio. After Bonifacio, we take a short flat ride. After that, you will have a magnificent winding road up into the mountains to the stunning scenery of Bavella at an altitude of 1200m. From Bavella to the east coast of Corsica and again up into the mountains, where we will drive also Route66 Corsica! For the evening and night, we head back to Ajaccio, to the capital of Corsica and the birthplace of Napoleon.

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Day 04 - Sunday

Ajaccio - Corte - Col de Vergio - Ajaccio

250km ° 5h 25m ° b, d

And so it will be… you still have to drive in similar conditions than yesterday and the day before! :) Today we start with the smooth T20 from Ajaccio to the mountain town of Corte. From there, we follow the routes of the Corsican Rally until Col de Vergio, which 1500m above the sea level. Vergio is followed by perhaps (but only perhaps) the most mountainous roads of our journey as we descend the mountain slopes to Porto. From Porto, the journey continues on the D81 winding road along the coast to our base, Ajaccio! 

Including & Excluding the Price

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Corsica Weekend Break 5 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat French-speaking tour leader

° Small group, max 8 bikes + tour leader

° Good mid-range hotel

° Accommodation in 2p rooms

° Motorcycles

° Fuel and insurance for motorcycle

° Transport to/from Bike garage

° Parking fees

° Breakfast x4 (days 2-5)

° Lunch x3 (days 2-4)

° Dinner x4 (days 1-4)

Corsica, world's best motorcycle destana

Corsica Weekend Break 5 days

Good to Know


° moderate / demanding

° driving days from 6 to 9 hours



° all of us with a few years of experience of riding! You need also experience of curly and super curly roads. Most of the roads are very small without any straights! Corsica is not a good place for the 1st ZigZag road tour :)



°  Good midrange hotel in Ajaccio


° Ok for experienced biker couples :)

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Corsica Weekend Break 5 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Ajaccio

° What is not mentioned in Including the Price

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Corsica Weekend Break 5 days

Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of friends, biker club, work mates or something like that,  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° You can send us your wish list / offer request simply with an email ( or fill up Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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