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° 03.09 -  16.09.2021

° 05.09 -  18.09.2022

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° Driver & Bike ° 4780€

° Passenger ° 2680€

° Own Room ° 900€

Buffalo Bill ° USA ° 15 days

On this magnificent US tour, you have a lot and more! Las Vegas, awesome Colorado with Rocky Mountain National Park. Mount Rushmore with its famous neighbor Crazy Horse... Yellowstone - Teton National Park... Antelope Canyo, Bonneville Salt Flats, Buffalo Bill's hometown Cody and much more! Enjoy many best parts of US from curve to curve! 

Day 01 ° Saturday

> Las Vegas

Nevada ° 0km

Arrival day to Las Vegas Every time is a good arrival time. However, we wish you arrive until 7 pm so we can have a Budweiser or two together and talk about tomorrow and upcoming days! Rest of the evening free time for Samba and Ramba if you do not have too much jet lag!

Day 03 ° Monday

Page - Cortez

Arizona - Utah - Colorado ° 393 km ° 4h 8m ° b,l,d

Today we have wonderful Antelope Canyon, monumental Monument Valley, special Mexican Hat and great roads with grand open views... everything is bigger in America as you know ;) ... our destination today is a very typical small town in US, Cortez!

Day 05 - Wednesday

Gunnison - Rocky Mt NP

Colorado ° 419km ° 5h 38m ° b,l,d

This is maybe, but just maybe, the most impressive driving day. Especially the last part when we drive the Peak to Paek Highway from Nederland to Estes Park! :) ... but yes, Colorado is one of the best states in US for a biker! And today we stop for two nights to Estes Park which is just next to Rocky Mountain National Park!


Day 07 - Friday

Rocky MT NP - Custer

Colorado - Wyoming - South Dakota ° 536km ° 5h 25m ° b,l,d

Go North! Not to North Pole but to Curtis in South Dakota! Curtis is inside the famous Black Hills National Forest! Today is also a day when you have a chance to enjoy some straight roads in the middle of huge countryside views :)  ... our destination Custer, has a lot of old wild west and Buffalo Bill feeling! 

Day 09 - Sunday

Deadwood - Cody

South Dakota - Wyoming ° 593km ° 6h 19m ° b,l,d

And an other great driving day! We hope you can handle it... and it's not the last! :)  Our main cultural destination today is 265 meters high Devil's Tower which is also the 1st national monument in US from 1906, founded by president Roosevelt!

From Devil's Tower we continue with many curves to our destanation of the day, Cody, which is establised by Buffalo Bill! Between Devil's Tower and Cody we drive we drive through beautiful Birhorn National forest!

Day 11 - Tuesday

Cody - Jackson

Wyoming ° 370km ° 5h 52m ° b,l,d

In the middle of our great driving day, we go and say hello to Old Faithful! The famous geyser in Yellowstone National Park... which is also a quit famous place. It was 5th most visited National Parks in US last year. Rocky Mountain NP was 3rd. Grand Teton National Park which we visit immediately after Yellowstone is also in Top 10 of US National Parks! So enjoy the views and the roads of the day! Both are Superb!

Day 13 - Thursday

Salt Lake City - Ely

Utah - Nevada ° 387km ° 3h 37m ° b,l,d

Today we visit one unique and famous place in US, Bonneville Salt Flats where the landscape is totally different than in Rocky Mountain NP. And yes, Bonneville Salt Flats is the palce were cars have tried to get the speed of a fighter jet! Our destanation today is small Ely which was established as a stagecoach station along the Pony Express!

Day 15 - Saturday

Las Vegas >

Brazil ° 534km ° 6h 34m

If you have not been to Las Vegas before, you might to stay here an extra day or two... if you did not do it on the arrival! And if you fly home today, every time is a good time to fly!

Day 02 - Sunday

Las Vegas - Page

Nevada - Utah - Arizona ° 450km ° 4h 34m ° b,l,d

After we have been eating more than we should at a buffet, we roll to the bike rental company and head east when paperwork is done! We drive Page, an unique small town on the shores of Lake Powell and Colorado River!

Before going to the hotel we take a small hike to the Colorado River's famous Horseshoe Bend!

Day 04 - Tuesday

Cortez - Gunnison

Colorado ° 421km ° 5h 56m ° b,l,d

Breakfast with all cholesterols and to Mesa Verde National Park! It's famous for its Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings and the huge Cliff Palace with panoramic canyon views! After Mesa Verde we a free to enjoy the fun curvy roads of beautiful Colorado with smiles inside our helmets all the way to Gunnison which is 2348m above the sea level!

Day 06 - Thursday

Rocky MT National Park

Colorado ° ?km ° ?h ?m

Hike, ride, swim, shop... it means you have today holiday in holiday... a day of as you wish!

Day 08 - Saturday

Custer - Deadwood

South Dakota ° 155km ° b,l,d

Today we have the best driving day... again! :) ... We will stay all day in the awesome Black Hills area where we will also visit one of US's main attractions, Mt Rushmore! Here are the huge sculptures of presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

And this is not all, as they say in TV-shops! We start our day with the other big attraction of the area, Crazy Horse Memorial mountain carving of Crazy Horse who was Native American Lakota Chief!

Day 10 - Monday


Wyoming ° 0km

Day of! It is permissible not to do anything... :) ... but maybe you would like to do some western things!? Visit Gun Museum, Old Trail Town and Buffalo Bill Center of the West! The last one is like a must! :) ... Buffalo Bill Center is a huge wonderful place full of everything! You can easily spend hours here! And if you start to feel for a could beer, Hotel Irma's salon/bar is the place to go!

Day 12 - Wednesday

Jackson - Salt Lake City

Wyoming - Idaho - Utah ° 431km ° 4h 59m ° b,l,d

Our bacon and eggs are today in beautiful small Jackson! And our destination today is Salt Lake city. Between these two cities we have many nice easy going roads! We visit today also Paris, Paris - Idaho, which is a bit different than the Paris in France! There is actually 23 cities named Paris in US! :)

Day 14 - Friday

Ely - Las Vegas

Nevada ° 393km ° 3h 45m ° b,l,d

Time is always flying on a good tour! And we have today our last must not least driving day! We cross the warm Nevada and its special landscape via Coyote Springs!

We return our bikes when we arrive to Vegas, but before that we drive to the famous Las Vegas sign for a picture or two! And on the farewell dinner we probably eat to much at a buffet. After dinner we can get drunk of Vegas at the most special street in US, Fremont St! Viva las Vegas!

Including & Excluding the Price


° Driver & Our Bike ° 4780€

° Passenger ° 2680€

° Support car driver ° 2680€

° Single room ° 900€


Buffalo Bill ° 15 days

Including the Price

° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader

° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms

° Breakfast with all the cholesterol on all driving days

° Burger/Salad -lunch on all driving days

° Dinner on all driving days

° Harley Davidson Motorbikes

° Fuel

° Insurance for motorbikes

° All National Park fees

° Parking and highway fees

° Transport to/from rental location

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Buffalo Bill ° 15 days

Good to Know


° moderate

° driving days from 5 to 9 hours


° all paved

° 20/80 motorways / secondary roads


° daytime normally +20 to 30 Celcius or 70 to 90 Fahrenheit

° rain? Possible yes!



° all of us (bikers :) ... however, you need a few years of experiment with a big bike


° Yes Yes:)


° Yes

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Buffalo Bill ° 15 days

Excluding the Price

° Airfare to/from Las Vegas

° Meals on non-driving days

° What is not mentioned in Including the price section

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Buffalo Bill ° 15 days

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