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Andalucia ° Spain ° 9 days

In Andalucia every day is a Sunday! This adventure gives you the best what Spain has to offer for bikers and that is not little! Between the awesome roads you will experience also great cities like Seville and Granada and much more!

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Andalucia Highlights! 

° Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe!
° Awesome Seville
° Blue Smurf village Juzcar
° Granada, home of flamenco
° Magnificent Sierra Nevada
° Unique artist village Pueblo Mocajar
° Beautiful Gabo da Gata
° Hamon, tapas & vino tinto
° Great and fantastic roads with million curves! :)

° 01.09-09.09.2022
° 28.04-06.05.2023
° With your own group
during months 03-11!

° Driver & Bike ° 2160€
° Driver & Own Bike ° 1260€
° Backseat ° 960€
° Own Room ° 560€


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Andalucia From Day to Day

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Day 1 ° > Fuengirola

0km ° d

Welcome to exotic Fuengirola. If you ride your own bike, you can come at any time... or maybe you are there already!? If you are riding a rental bike, then come until 3 pm, then we will have time to pick up your bike from the rental shop. When we are all Fuengirola, it's time for a San Miguel... or two and a few words about the days to come!

Punta de Tarifa.jpg

Day 2 ° Fuengirola - Juzcar - Punta de Tarifa 

237km, 4h 32m ° b


Showtime... we drive some kilometers straight and then starts the fun... and it does not end before Punta de Tarifa. First we drive up to the blue Juzcar 'Smurf Village', from there we stay up on the mountains until the afternoon's second half and Algericas. From Algericas we follow the coastline until Punta de Tarifa... sothernmost place in west Europe. It's also the place where we overnight!

Andalucian roads.jpg

Day 3 ° Punta de Tarifa - Cadiz - Sevilla

275km, 4h 44m ° b


Today we start our ride from the great Los Arconlocales Natural Park! After Los Arconlocales our address is Cadiz, a city surrounded by the Mediterranean Ocean. This is a great place for lunch! From Cadiz to Seville we drive in the middle of beautiful countryside. Evening in Seville's old town... which is maybe the greatest old town in the whole country!

El Chorro road.jpg

Day 4 ° Sevilla - El Chorro - Almunecar

296km, 5h 4m ° b


Today is again the best driving day ever. The beginning is a bit flat, but the roads and the landscapes are getting better and better all day! One of the highlights of the day is the El Chorro area, where is also the famous El Caminito de Ray (the King's little path). We will have a lunch break at El Chorro and we continue from curve to curve towards Almunecar and the Mediterranean Ocean! In the little and nice Almunecar, we will stay 2 nights!

Andalucia motorbike tour.jpg

Day 5 ° Almunecar - Sierra Nevada - Almunecar

287km, 4h 26m ° b


As you can already guess, roads and landscapes are today great, super and wonderful! This is Andalucia! And today we drive up to the Sierra Nevada... highest mountain in Spain and also a very nice ski resort during winter months. Naturally, you can also spend a day on the beach if you feel for it. Almunecar has a long beach and it's a nice little town to walk!

Gabo de Gata Andalucia.jpg

Day 6 ° Almunecar - Almeria - Mojacar

303km, 5h 31m ° b


No lack of fantastic roads today either :) ... after breakfast, we climb up to the mountains and head east. Today you will also see 'plastic Spain!' It's huge are the size of Andorra covered with plastic... greenhouses. After the ugly plastic-Spain, we will have the very beautiful Gabo de Gata area in the southeast corner of Spain. Our driving day ends at the picturesque Mojarac!

Mini Hollywood Andalucia.jpg

Day 7 ° Mojacar - Tabernas - Granada

269km, 4h 38m ° b

After breakfast, we take a little walking tour into the small beautiful Mojacar Pueblo, Old Mojacar which is built on a hilltop! After Old Mojacar, you can start to smile inside your helmet again from curve to curve! Around noon we take a break at a piece of America in Spain at Route66 Cafe Tabernas! From this part of Spain, you find also Forth Bravo and Mini Hollywood! And yes, it looks like you would drive in New Mexico. Your great driving day will end today to the home of Flamenco, Granada!

Harley Davidson Pan American.jpg

Day 8 ° Granada - Colemar - Fuengirola

189km, 4h 2m ° b,d


Last but not the least driving day on this adventure. Maybe the best road of the day is A-7000 which comes from the mountains down to Malaga and the coastline! On the way down it goes 2 times around itself! From Malaga, we have a short ride to Fuengirola and it's time to return our bikes! And in the evening it's time for farewell dinner!


Day 09 ° Fuengirola >

0km ° b

Tour ends! You are free to leave any time. You returned your bike yesterday when we came to the city... if you had a rental bike!

However, it's time to ride or fly home... and start to plan your next tour! :)

Including & Excluding the Price


Including the Price


° Professional Bike & Boat tour leader
° Roadbook of the tour
° Accommodation in good midrange hotels in 2 person rooms. 
° Breakfast x8, days 2-9
° Dinners x2, days 1 and 8
° Motorcycle Rent & Fuel
° Insurance for motorbikes
° Road tolls and parking fees
° Andalucia Tour Shirt 
° All Tourleaders pictures from the tour


Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from Malaga
° Drinks with meals stronger than water
° Lunches
° Dinners on days 2-7
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price



Good to Know


° 100% paved
° roads are in not so good, good and excellent condition

° daytime normally + 20 to 30 Celcius or 70 to 85 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible but not really!

° all of us (bikers :) with a few  years of experiment. 

° Yes :)

° No


Make Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

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