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Self GuidedAndalucia  ° 9 days

In Andalucia, every day is a Sunday... also on self-guided tours! This adventure gives you the best that Spain has to offer for bikers and that is not little! Between the awesome roads you will experience also great cities like Seville and Granada and much more!

° Whenever you want! :) ... this route
goes up to Sierra Nevada so the best months
are 04-11!

° Yamaha MT-07 or Tracer 700 ° 1280€
° Yamaha MT-09 or Tracer 900 °
° Yamaha Super Tenere 1200 ° 1480€


Highlights on the Road! 

° Punta de Tarifa, the southernmost point of Europe!
° Awesome Seville
° Blue Smurf village Juzcar
° Granada, home of flamenco
° Magnificent Sierra Nevada
° Unique artist village Pueblo Mocajar
° Beautiful Gabo da Gata
° Hamon, tapas & vino tinto
° Great and fantastic roads with million curves! :)

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Andalucia From Day to Day

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Self Guided Andalucia

Self-guided Andalucia is the same route we do on our guided tours! On this one, you have your own daily timetable with your own best company! And freedom to change the route if you want to make shorter or longer days! Here under is a link to our guided Andalucia from day to day!


Including & Excluding the Price


Including the Price


° Yamaha motorcycle
° Insurance for the bike
° Detailed daily route maps to your phone on Google Maps
° Phone holder for the bike
° Paper map of Andalucia
° Good midrange hotels with breakfast!
° RoadBook which includes main sights on the route, restaurant recommendations and a lot of practical information!


Excluding the Price


° Airfare to/from Malaga
° Lunches & dinners
° Fuel
° What is not mentioned in Including the Price



Good to Know


° 100% paved
° roads are in not so good, good and excellent condition

° daytime normally + 20 to 30 Celcius or 70 to 85 Fahrenheit
° rain? Possible but not really!

° all of us (bikers :) with a few years of experiment. 

° Yes :)


Make Your Own Pizza


° If you are a group of Friends, driving buds, co-workers...  you can make your own tailor-made 'pizza' for more or less the same price than a ready tour!

° We can also modify every exciting tour to longer, shorter, higher, lower, wider, narrower and so! :)

° You can send us your wish list simply with an email ( or go to Own Pizza page and we will be back to you in 24hours!

Bikes on Tour

From the Road!