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We are not youngsters any more by age numbers but very much in our hearts! We have been on the road for 30 years and more :) ... but the passion for riding and sailing has not gone anywhere! It's still strong as always and we love to go to places with bikers and boaters! During the years we have been in over 100 countries with our customers!

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Martine Balzani

The Boss. Martine Balzani is French and the CEO of the company! Also partner who takes care of the mystirious SEO-World :) Worked also in PeterPanBike Finland. 

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Peter Ruotsalo

Founder of Bike & Boat and PeterPanBike Finland, Yorkie Lover and biker with a Finnish passport.

Also partner who loves to build and do tours. As well the one who loves to take care of the web-site!

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Countries where we have been driving with our customers!

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