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We Love MotorcycleTravelling :)

Motorcycle tours on the Globe! Welcome to Bike & Boat! We love traveling with motorcycles! The roots of our motorcycle tours are at the end of August 1998! Then I started with 9 other bikers, my brand new Enfield Bullet Machismo 500cc's engine outside Agra Motorcycle Shop in India! Six weeks later, my Enfield had covered 10362 km when I took it off the Tallin - Helsinki ferry! After this tour, I'v been riding in 105 countries with biker groups. Naturally, on the road there are days that feel like Mondays, but after returning home, every day on tour feels like a Saturday! BR. PeterPan :]

Africa Motorcycle tours! Marokko mp matkat. Etelä-Afrikka mp matka!
Road trip USA. Road trip America. USA moottoripyörämatka!
Asia with two wheels! Intia moottoripyörämatka
Motorcycle tour Europe. Eurooppa moottoripyörämatka
Israel motorcycle tour! UAE & Oman mc tour!
Motorcycle tour New Zealand. Uusi Seelanti moottoripyörämatka
All motorcycle tours.

Bike & Boat Basics!

Group Size ° Bike & Boat Groups are always small groups. Maximum 10 bikes + tour leader!

Including the Price ° On a Bike and Boat tours, we use open pricing. No hidden cost's. And normally almost everything is included. Breakfasts and dinners on driving days, fuel, entrance fees to national parks, good bikes & hotels and so! See each tour's Including the Price section! 

Experience ° We have been on the road with our groups in 120 countries, so yes, there are still many countries to go, but even so, we can say that we have experience! And we believe that we understand biker-mind! ;)

From love to motorcycling ° Our tour leaders are professionals who ride from love to riding! As well they are people who are used to survive from any situation with a twinkle in the eye!

Roads ° When we build our tours, we never look for the fastest road between the hotels. No, we always look for the most fun road! Often that is also a curvy road to drive with a smile inside your helmet!

Bikes ° In India we drive with Enfields, in US mostly with Harleys and Indians. In Africa with all-road bikes and so! We always fit the tour and it's bikes to like each other!

For who ° Bike and Boat Tours are for all of us with some years of the experiment! If you hesitate, ask! On each tour page, you see if it is suitable to ride with two on the bike!

Service car ° Do we have a service car on our tours? The answer is yes and no! You see the answer to this question on each tours page! And when yes, the main idea is, that if someone has a friend or relative who is not a biker, but would like to take part on tour can do so as a service car driver with a price of motorcycles passenger!

Life is Now! ° And remember, life is now and it's the best time to travel! :)

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